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Sara has been with The Groom Room since it opened in 2004 and is now the current owner.

She grew up in Ann Arbor and has been working with animals since she was 16 and still loves it!

Sara works hard everyday to ensure that her clients walk in feeling welcome and leave happy and appreciated! She is so very grateful to her clients, past and present, and is looking forward to getting to know new clients in the future!









My name Candice Wicklander and I m a huge dog lover from the Pacific Northwest. I have been professionally grooming for almost 14 yrs. Recently I relocated from Oregon to the beautiful state of Michigan, to really experience that Midwest hospitality that everyone talks about! I have 3 beautiful dogs that you will occasionally meet when visiting The Groom Room! Dogs have always been a big part of my life, as a child and young adult I traveled all over the US and Canada showing dogs as one of the top junior handlers and assistants in the country! Since then I have continued my career in the grooming industry and have created a world of success. Everyday is a rewarding sense of fulfillment to provide an enjoyably experience for your loved one!

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