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Grooming sessions are a special time between a dog and a groomer. During such session the groomer has a good opportunity to check on the dog’s general health.
The groomer looks carefully for signs of skin irritations, lumps or sore spots, checks for any possible problems in the dog’s ears, eyes and teeth and reports any concerns to the owner.

We offer:
Full Groom, which includes:


Bathing, Blow-drying, Haircuts, Anal glands cleaning, Ear cleaning, Nail clipping, Etc.

Mini-groom, which includes the above services without the haircut.


Full groom and mini-groom require an appointment. Nail clipping, ear cleaning, and anal glands cleaning can be done on a walk-in basis

We always use high quality hypoallergenic shampoos and conditioners..

Payments are accepted in cash, checks and all major credit cards.

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